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Theater Puff Cigarettes
stage theater cigarettes

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Theater Puff Cigarettes30.24 Newhttp://www.zymetrical.com/images/fake-cigarettes.jpg099996013507Brand New. Bulk pricing.http://www.zymetrical.com/product_info.php?products_id=231In stock.4.73

Puff on the end of one of these prop stage cigarettes, and realistic looking smoke powder comes out the other end. These work perfectly in stage and theater productions, whether it is a school play or a community theater group. Use them as a prank where smoking is prohibited or to trick your parents! Minimum purchase is 144 cigarettes. Minimal powder may fall out of the fake cigarettes during shipping, but should not affect the quality. NOTE: these are meant to be blown into gently, not recommended to inhale. FREE ECONOMY SHIPPING


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This item ships from UT. Allow an additional 2 business days for order processing as they are behind with Halloween orders

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NOTE: This product is sold in case quantities of 144. You must order in exact quantities of 12 dozen (i.e, 144, 288, 432, 576, 864, 1152, 1728 etc.)

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Customer rating: 4.73  based on 15 product reviews

5 of 5 Stars Review!HannahD - Aug 18, 2015
This is a very good product. The cigarettes worked really well in our show, and the quantity and price were decent. I did not have to refill them because there were so many, but I think they would be fine and usable if they were refilled with cornstarch or something. Very pleased, overall. [These can be refilled carefully with talcum powder -Z]

5 of 5 Stars Review!Ogilvie HS Theater - Mar 31, 2015
Worked great for our performance of Grease. Our T-Birds and Pink Ladies looked real on stage. Value was great for a high school theater budget.

5 of 5 Stars Review!Fake Cig Lover - Oct 29, 2014
This product was exactly as described. I am extremely happy with my purchase, I am able to fool the best of them!

4 of 5 Stars Review!indigo - Nov 27, 2012
The cost and shipping cost were fantastic. Shipping time also great. Extremely disappointed in how they were shipped. Puff cigarettes loose in a basic envelope. Thankfully there was minimal damage. But they could not bother to wrap a piece of bubble wrap around them send them in a small cardboard box? I will rate this based on the product, though. [If we send loose cigarettes in a cardboard boxes it accomplishes nothing but increasing your shipping cost. Please note if you order these loose they will ship loose. If you do not want them loose we sell them in bulk by the gross -- 144 tightly packed cigaretes into a neat box. -Z]

5 of 5 Stars Review!David F. - Nov 15, 2012
These cigarettes looked very real on stage during our production. And they are very inexpensive. I recommend them!

5 of 5 Stars Review!Geo - May 23, 2012
I am so glad to have gotten these. They look realistic, are easy to handle, and no second hand smoke! While everyone else is using safety or real cigarettes, I have the best ones for stage!

4 of 5 Stars Review!Glen - Mar 30, 2012
Our high school actors are using them in Glass Menagerie and they look good. They puff enough to simulate smoke but always look lit with the red end. I accidentally inhaled some of the powder and it really bothered my asthma so be sure to blow out only.

4 of 5 Stars Review!HappyActor - Mar 7, 2012
Needed these for play performance. Do not inhale...ha! i did. just exhale and it works great for the stage!

5 of 5 Stars Review!BELINDA HUGHES - Jan 10, 2012
The puff cigarettes are so much fun. Can go outside with the smoking crowd and play along.

5 of 5 Stars Review!Juror #8 - Nov 30, 2011
Bought these to use in the play 12 Angry Men. I was really impressed with the effect of real smoke without all the hassle and mess of real cigarettes.

5 of 5 Stars Review!Recreation Anya - Oct 26, 2011
These cigarettes worked great for my cast. The powder floats in the air like real smoke - it was pretty convincing. Only thing to be aware of, though, is that they appear to be already lit; they come with an ashy end. So it doesn\'t make sense to have the character light it onstage. You have to assume that its already lit offstage.

5 of 5 Stars Review!Dorothy Wilson - Jul 19, 2011
These prop cigarettes do look real! They were a nice choice for our finicky non-smoking actress who wouldn\'t puff for the play. Timely delivery and great price, too. I will keep this company in mind for furture theater prop needs.

5 of 5 Stars Review!Paul Whiteley - Jul 18, 2011
Very happy with purchase. Cigarettes look so real for my Mannequin of Humphrey Bogart.

4 of 5 Stars Review!BRAD - Jul 5, 2011
Very realistic, at first my wife thought I had started smoking again....

5 of 5 Stars Review!Gomonygo - Jun 1, 2011
These cigarettes were perfect for our production! We had fun with them! They really did puff! Quick shipping, we were happy!


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